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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 16, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> exotic animal ssolen from the nature center. >> they won't make. >> how stolen ann late afternoon discovery that could stall this case. ú> in particular the past few montts. >> whooping cough on the rise. signs that your child has it and how you can keep yourself from passing it on. >> the rain slowly moves out. how much more we'll get before the skiee clear and warm-up to expect ffr tomorrow in the sky watch forecast. ♪ . >> derek may son bblttng it out. why the baltimore raven giving his time to entertaan
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seniors. . >> hello i'm jeff. >> i'm jennifer. exotic creature stolen ffom a nature center in west baltimore are tracked doww to an apartment. as police very gate the bizarre theft the animal and insect being nursed back to health. >> kathleen live from west baltimore where the live stash was discovered. >>reporter: the 10 exotic animal along with lots of other insects were found inside an apartment here. police raided this location earlier this afternoon l. residents n the area say theory lead to ind out that police found the animals before they escaped on their own. they raided the nature center turs morning for the second time and took baby chammleon during the theft sunday night a large iguana, 2
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gecko, turtle and cock roach were taken. there was a growing fear that the rare creatures would not last long without the proper care. >> people don't know how to take care of these things so why they would take them, i don't know. because they all need special lighting. special food. it's very, very >> iiem bad enough i don't even want a regular household cock roach in my house let a big one that makes a noise. you know. no. >>reporter: we are back live in west baltimore where those animals were found and the insects oncc agaii they have been taken back to the nature center where they are being fed and properly cared for. once again the exotic animals have been found. police are continue continuing to investigate. we have more on this story tonight at 10::0. live in west baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you. man accused of killing an off duty baltimore olice detective after they argued over a parking space has beenn%
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indictedd baltimore grand jury indicted 25-year-old shawn james on monday. he's facing fir degree murder and deadly weapons charges in the occobbr incident. prosecutors say he threw a piece of concrete at detective stevenson while out in canton. stevenson was hit in the head and later died at the hospital. james is being held without bond. . the feds have taped phone conversations where a couple is discussing bribes to prince george county officials. crime justice reporter joy now is he this could very well be tied to county executive jack johnson. joy. >>reporter: in court today federal prosecutors discussed how federal agent's license as this couple talk about paying off county officials. ittalso came out what agents found inside the couple's clarksville home. cash in a closet agents found 400,000
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dollars in cash. land record indicate the home is worth 2.3 million dollars. the couple were among 9 people including 3 prince georges police officerr arrested monday on charges involve drugs guns and ma black market which will and cigarrttes. u.s. attorney had this o say about the investigation last week. picot investigation reveals% that today law enforcement investigation is the tip of an ice berg. what i mean by that is thaa it is part of a broader, ongoing corruption investigation by the fbi and the rs here in prince georgeing county. >>reporter: neighbors tell me since the couple mostly kept to themselves. the couple own several llquor stores in the area. this is news at 5:30. okay joy. now on to our question of the day. do you trust your ellcted officials just go to our web site and tell us what you think. you
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can sound off through facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer to 45 2 03. enter a for yes and b for no and reeponse may air tonight on news at 10:00. the skate work roller rink in wood lawn has closed. rinkk is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and going through bbnk situation. business fell after allegations that 12-year-old was gang raped inside the rink last august. over the years police were called to the rink several times to deal with rowdy crowds. the night before baltimore teachers are set to vote on a new contract some rally against what is in the deal. karen is live outside the baltimore teacher unioo in northwest bbltimore. karen? >> abbut a dozen teacher came out today to rally against the new teacher contract. they tell me that great improvement have been made within baltimore city public schools. so whyychange things now?
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automatic raises based on tenure number of degrees required. teacher pay would be as ased on evaluation system that would tie student performance to teacher evaluation. evaluation some teacherr say just are not clear. the mayor released a video on you tube today urging teachers to accept the landmark contract. >> on november 17th you have the chance to make historic, historic, positive statement about the direction of our school system by approving this landmark contract. >>reporter: i find it odd that the mayor wants us to just accept this ccntract when the very same mayor just released to the press that baltimore city schools are doing bet than they ever have. test scores better than they ever have. we have african american male leading us n graduation rates. >>reporter: the teacher will vote on this contract tomorrow. reporting live in northwest baltimore, karen parks fox 45 news at 5:30..% thank you karen. state
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legislature look at thh case for 100 pptients got unnecessary treatment. this after thh settlement the where saint joseph medicaa center paid out 22 million dollars to celts claims. dr. mark is accused of implanting hundreds of unnecessary stint into heart patients. >> want to be sure hat patients are fully informed about medical procedures and there's appropriate and comprehensive quality review for all medical procedures whether cardiac stint r knee surgery. >>reporter: lawmakers may consider meassres to ddress patient right. >> how are the roods looking tonight. kandace has the traffic edge report. kandace? >> thankkyou jennifer. thaa rape s makinn for an absolutely miserable ride out there. right now 27 miles per hour on the belt way through kateville. 14 miles per hour righttnear liberty road ann 13 traveeing on the inner loop lanes through green spring avenue aaea. 23 on the jfx. talking about the 83 let take a live look moving in baltimore county. you can see
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a long string of brake light there on the northbound lanes right at chick road. no accidents to report and sheer volume you have to deal w.we have quite a few accidents in fact on 295 there's double trouble. crash on the northbound lanes right at andarundle mills boulevard near the mall and also a crash in the south bound direction that one right at 8 95. now if that's not bad enough there is a crash oo the southhboundd6 lanes of 95 that one also at 8 95. so best alternate route tonights is 97. there's also a crash to repprt right on washington boulevard find that at the belt way and that's a look at the evening traaels now back over to you. >> all right kandace thanks so much. baltimore raven spent the day helping those in need stay warm as winter quickly approach. >> members of the team including joe flacco and michael orr rolled up the sleeps in the helping up morninn. there they gave outs coat hat glove and othhr cold weather clothing tems and talked to residents struggling wwth homelessness and
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addiction. >> i feel in like i'm blessed in my condition. any time i have a chance to give back i'm definitely willing to. i come from a less ortunate area myself and in order to get where i am today, somebody had to instill that in me as well so my message is definiiely passing along hope for those guys. >>reporter: if you would like toodonate items to the helping our web site go to it slash% news link. president obama releases a new book. >> find out the inspiration behind the project. >> about royal wedding. the special significance behind the engagement ring prince william gave his fiance. and in particular in the past few months we have beenn% seeing more. >> whooping cough on the rise. next in health check. the signs that your child has it signs that your child has it and how you can keep from
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>> looking at plenty of rainfall out there coming down around parts of aryland. over baltimore city and especially on the eastern shore towards salsbury. heavy showers eveenthunderstorms expected possibly tonight. expected possibly tonight. look at that coming up ñ
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>> long time new york congressman wrangle convicted by an ethic panel on 11 countss% rrlated to financial fundraising activity. ssme things he was accused of. filinn taxes too late. using house stationary for fundraising among other things. wrangle who is 80 is not expected to resign. his punishment hasn't been decided but he will be able to stay in office. >> military highest honor for army stafffsergeant this afternoon in washington president obama presented the medal of honor to this soldier. despite being shot twice he rescued a comrade who was wounded and was being dragged away by taliban fighters during a battle in afghanistan. >> item such a huge honor. % item a great thing but it is a great thing that it has come at personal loss to myself and so many other families. >>reporter: medic and the
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soldier he fought save both died frrm their wounds. thh soldier is the first living service member from the war in afghanistan and iraq to receive the medal of honor. president is raising money president hits the shelves today. titled letter to my daughter. proceed from the book given to scholarship fund for veteraa families. president is he first daughter sasha and malia were the inspiration behind the book. >> being kissed could very well spark a dangerous allergic reaction. issing someone who ate someehing you anything from your diet that the partner is allergic too >> whooping cough come back% úarents to make sure their children are vaccinated. some states report more than 1,000 cases of whooping cough.
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cough starts out like the common colddbut after about a week it gets much, much worse. >> over all it's a hard cough that wakes children up in the middle of the night. >>reporter: doctors say -úadults aaound small children should get a booster shot to make sure they are protected as well. >> put animal in costume and it is sure to please just about everybody. that is a -úriot. kids in amusemenn park in south korea excited to see santa and rain deer. wrist as tear cal. they waddle around the park to get people into the holiday spirit a little i actually really lick it. i like it bet than shooting a movie. ú> gwynneth takes on tv as guest star on glee. what she thinkk about the actors on the show. >> it doesn't look like much but the football size rock is worth millions. kind of gem worth millions. kind of gem it is and what makes it so
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of. >> plenty of rain coming down around the region at this time but we have potential
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>> there is a brand new episode of glee tonight featuring actress gwynneth paltrow. she will join the
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cast singing in the rain and the umbrella. don't miss that. she says even on he set was very friendly. >> they were you know really sweet talented people and feel in like i got to speed a little bit of individual time with each of them and they are really nice people. >> tune in to see her tonight at 8 on fox 45. >> royal wedding in the works. prinne william and long time girlfriind kate middleton are engaged. he popped the question last month during a trip to ken yeah 2 met about 8 years ago in college. prime minister david cameron called the upcoming wedding a national celebration. >> my mom engagement ring. so i thought it was kuwait nice because she is not arounddto share in the fun excitement this is my way of keeping her there. >> wedding takes place some time in the spring or summer. >>reporter: prince william
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has extra 39 million dollars laying around he can get the new fiance another very nice rock. this football size sapphire is believed to be the largest uncut sapphire in the world. one jeweler says the size, purity and pink vvin in the mostly blue gem make it absolutely unique. texas base energy company was involved in mining in east africa where the gem was his found. the buyer. i'm sure they are. man. >> just hoping the rain stops some time soon. >> vytas will tell us when things will dry up before the end of the year and sky watch forecast. vytas. >>reporter: stop. it just started raining today. we saw beautiful weekend and more nice weather coming up. always something about the úain. any way looks like we do have showers coming down ouu there. not a bad day actually. just some rain on and off and will continue as we go ttrough the next few hours here and through the overnight. tomorrow starts to taper off. sky cam with the
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water drop on the lens. raining downtown and south of the city down to the airport and points south of that. 55 degrees east winn at 7 humidity levels at 93 percent. looking at almanacs page at 56 with high and then looking at low at 47 this morning. we have decent amount of rainfall quarter inch and some areas half inch of rain reported so far. in fact across the state we can see half inch out there to hagerstown. about 310th of an inch downtown baltimore but around us lovely right around half inch so we continue to aad to that as next wave of rain mavss througg and low %--úso definitely we can get upo about 3 quarter inch of rain to an inch. first wave pushing through about there is nice the line of thunderstorms of west virginia. we couldrts get rumble of thunder in the latt overnight tonight probably after 10 or 11 okay tonight then as that pushes through drop decent rainfall then we see the system move
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off to the north. looking at potential with the future scan this is showing about 3 quarters inch to about an incc of rain that about as the system mavs north and pulls up to the north it wrap in the winds and we deal with that. all right some wind advisory to the north of us in pennsylvania and western maryland and paats of west virginia and nothing issued here yet but that could happen a we see gusty wind anywhere from about 15 to 20 miles ann6 hoor gusting up to 35 and 40 úiles an hour at times especially western aryland and eastern shore. wind out oo the east right now but that will be shifting out of the south west to the west as we get in tomorrow so expect to see very breezy conditions. here's some of the wiid gust raae now in the mid upper 20's. as far as the bigger úicture we can kind of see there the low pressure thaa is trackkng up to the north wrapping in the warmer air so our temperatures will increase overnight into tomorrow. get that the low 60's for tomorrow morning afternoon then the tempeeatures will fall as the low trackk to the nnrth takkng the rain with it and we continue tooclear out through the day tomorrow getting sunshine and looks like we see a dry endinn to the week.
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tonight thunderstorms. 56 -údegrees. for tomorroo loooing at right around 64. early showees then breezy conditions and things clearing lattr inn% the day. you can be in charge of our own personalized forecast. i raddr now available at fox use interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street go to our web site slash i radar. >> i get to make a fool of myself and everybody loves it.
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washington ask. >> welcome bbck i'm bruce cunningham. ravens fans get out the schedule. there has been a change. next home game a week from this sunday has been flexed. schedule as 1:00 p.m. game it has been moved to 4:15. seems the whole nation wants to see it. write nation wants to see thisole
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sunday's game after all the carolina panthers just might be the worst team in the nfl. with the bills for the worstd record in the league but the bills you will remember gave the ravens fits. that's why not take this one lightly either. >> we have to win this game. if we want to accomplish whaa we want to accomplish as football team. look at carolina and offensive line and running back, the people wide receiver and defense the way they run with the ball. they haven't found ways to win games but they are playingg6 3 really good football and capable of whipping a game in this league and that has been proven time and time again and we have our work cut out for down there. gh football game >>reporter: yes. ravens favored by a million. to baseball hillies ace holiday unanimously won the national llague cy young award. received all 32 first place votes beating out cardinals adam wane wright and first season in the national league hooiday went 21 and 10 with two.444earned run average. a
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-úper game against the marlins. only the fifth time in baseball historr that a-pitcherd and the american league winner will be announced on thursday. about ttwnsend in basketball steelers contact mat stover and our prep player of the week award come up tonight onn% sports up limited is that thanks bruce. we have some rain we are still dealing with out there. >> you know what i joke around we definitely need the rain. i guess. vaet as. >> i guess..6 3 3 >> yes we have this wonnerful weeeend. we get the rain manufacturing through but it gets nice again as we get down the road hear. lookinn at 54 degrees and we'll see the rain and thunderstorms overnight then showees in the morninn early morning hours and they get out of here and make way for sunshine. clearing innthe day ith those temperatures faaliig through the day a little bit but we get into the lower 60's. it will be a windy breezy day out there. east and west of us rrally windy. reezy central portion
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of the state. looking at 58 on thursday with sun clouds on thursday with sun clouds and then friday saturday sunday nice and


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